Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lamport Court

Apartment is situated on the sixth floor of Lamport Court, (above) a sixties tower block which is one of three identical block; Lockton, Silkin and Lamport positioned amongst a large council estate. Lamport Court overlooks the Mancunian Way, a partially elevated main city centre artery.

The constantly altering skyline contributes to the experience of living in a modern city.
Manchester post-Commonwealth Games continues to ‘regenerate’ and evidence of this is perpetual; cranes rise and fall on the skyline, featured in the image above is the new Beetham Tower.

The Estate

As well as the strong urban aesthetic, the weather and the seasons are also extremely evident in tower block living. The setting sun can be tracked across the horizon as the year goes by altering the direction of the light that streams into the windows of the main living space. The trees viewed from above punctuate the city as their leaves sprout in the spring and fall in the autumn. Above; The council estate as viewed from the front door of Apartment, looking at Silkin Court, on the right and the yellow maisonettes on the left and the Pennines in the distance.


The approach to the entrance of Lamport Court featuring the work of Cherry Tenneson.

Front Door

The front door on the open walkway on the sixth floor.


Hall-vestibule; 7.5ft x 3ft Approx

Living Room

Living Room; views over city; 18ft x 9ft Approx


Balcony: South facing views over Manchester city centre; 9ft x 3ft Approx


Central vestibule and office leading to bathroom on left and bedroom ahead with office visible; 3.ft x 2.5ft Approx


Bathroom: 7ft x 6ft Approx


Kitchen; 8ft x 6.5ft approx


Bedroom 10ft x 9ft Approx

floor plan

The above floor plan gives an idea of the layout of the flat, (click to enlarge) measurements are above. For more information please e-mail